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One Off Garden Tidy-ups


One Off Garden Tidy-ups

One-off garden tidy ups provide a fantastic opportunity to rejuvenate your outdoor space and restore it to a manageable state.

Whether your garden has become overgrown, cluttered, or neglected, this service allows you to take charge once again. Skilled professionals will expertly trim, prune, and weed, giving your garden a fresh and polished look. They will remove any debris and clear out unwanted plants, making way for healthier growth.

Additionally, these experts can offer helpful advice on how to maintain your garden efficiently, suggesting suitable plant choices, watering schedules, and techniques to keep it looking beautiful throughout the seasons.

With a one-off garden tidy up, you can gain the upper hand and establish a solid foundation for a garden that brings joy and pride to your home.

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Over 40 Years Experience

Andy Woodason created Bowood Landscapes in February 1992 and with only himself started creating beautiful gardens. He took on his first employee in June 1998 and started to take on slightly bigger projects. More employees came and went on to pastures new and at the end there were 8 employees, a lovely bunch of people who all have the same goal in mind, to create, enhance and maintain beautiful outdoor spaces for customers in the local and surrounding areas.


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