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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

If onsite advice is required, then this is charged by the hour with a small travel expense. If it is for a specific build or repair, then I will work out a free estimate for you and sometimes this will require a site visit which is chargeable at a nominal fee for time and travel. After a site visit you would receive a written quote. All you need to do is enquire with no obligation.

I will work out a price for you first, then send a deposit invoice, typically around 25% of the total amount quoted. The balance paid at the end of the job once completed to your satisfaction. Larger projects occasionally require interim payments. As I am not currently Vat registered and seek to stay under the current threshold, this being a saving to you, I may request you purchase some of the more costly items required, don’t worry I can guide you through this and make it easy.

Please just email me, info@gardensbyandy.co.uk  or phone my office 0118 944 2239 to initiate a response, once you have a quote to hand, just email to accept the quote and I will get you in the diary.

I have built my whole reputation on quality and value this incredibly, if something was to fail or not work as expected, then of course I will respond and correct. I cannot guarantee plants or any other materials I use, but I would be clear on any limitations of the items I use or in the case of plants, I advise on their care. Any workmanship is fundamentally guaranteed for a year unless otherwise stated.

40 years of quality service in the industry with many prestigious awards, an excellent reputation and plenty of satisfied clients if you wish to have references.

I carry both of these insurances, liability up to £5million and can let you have a copy if you wish to see them.

Scheduling Questions

Please be aware that I am very lucky that I have a good reputation built on years in the industry and as such I can often, if not always have quite long lead times, always worth the wait though, so I have been told. Sometimes the size of the job involved can mean a quicker turnaround, again just ask.

Cleaning Questions

Waste has become very costly, if you are able to deal with this yourself, it is a great saving, if not we will use various properly licensed waste services, like skips for example and this will be charged to you and explained and costed in your quote. I too have a waste carrier’s license and can dispose of small quantities of green waste and other materials, this would also carry a charge. I also have a very capable shredder/chipper that can turn you green waste into handy woodchips or use as future compost.

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