Nail gun out

A recent client had a water feature that needed rebuilding from scratch, that went very well, however, the external pump and filter components were very much on show and as a consequence, very unprotected from the elements and damage by whatever else as well as it being a safety hazard.

The answer was to build a shelter around it, this was done using a framework which I then attached battens too, I also incorporated a corex roof lining to keep the rain out and also made the top detachable as well as the front panel. No mean feat without a drawing, merely from the image I see in my head before I start. All timber used was from ‘Jacksons Fencing and therefore has a great 25 year guarantee on the timber, check them out.

When anything is built as bespoke, it pays to have a clear image in your mind as to what and how the project will look like, I have learnt that this is a specific skill set that not everyone has, sometimes I try and sketch what I intend to build, just to convey to clients what I’m trying to achieve, that’s the bit I find difficult, I can make it, not so good at drawing it, can’t be good at everything I say.

At the end of the day, people will have to trust the person doing the work, I am very fortunate that this tends to be the case with most of the people I encounter, lucky me. If you have something you would like obscured, get in contact.

Bespoke timber pond filter housing.(Reading Berks)